Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 20

Reflection - Essay Example Writing has helped me discover myself about my high points from a self-evaluated point of view. I strongly rely on spoken vocabulary. I write what I can say aloud making my writing direct and easily understood by others. Right from grade1 days I was told reading a lot builds our vocabulary and the greatest speakers in the world are equally chronic readers. At a personal point of view, my reading habit has greatly helped create the writer in me since it not only nurtures my grammar but also gives me a diversified approach to different situations. In addition, I constantly listen to my writing as if it were spoken aloud. This gives rhythm to my writing. Truth is highly compromised especially where the consequences that come with telling the truth are adverse making it subjective and objective and hence will now be propaganda and not factual. As a writer, I do not subscribe to such beliefs among people since I believe a writers duty is to tell the truth no matter how gross the circumstance is or whoever forms part of the story. I have a memory strong on recognition. I am not outstanding on recall but when someone or something triggers a memory, I retrieve it all a fresh with a new enticing version of it. I regard this rather advantageous as opposed to photographic memory, which impedes the imaginative process, which is why I am glad I do not have one. For a writer I suspect that recognition is more important than recall since when a memory of an individual is buried, all types of interesting links are formed in your mind. No machine is a hundred percent efficient, and as humans our efficiency is relatively lower than that hence I greatly embrace my weaknesses as I strive to work on them. Reluctance to edit is a major hiccup I face. When I am done with my writing, my mind drifts to something else and thus not unless I am willing I end up not editing the work. I have a phobia about fiction. When it comes to creating

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