Thursday, November 21, 2019

Muslim Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Muslim - Annotated Bibliography Example This article explains the in-depth knowledge on the experience the Muslim youths in Canada who wants to maintain their Islamic culture face from the dominant culture. The article also shows how Muslim students are able to negotiate and maintain their religious culture within secular public schools. A 22 year old student by the name Karim from Pakistan who were educated in Canadian school explains the struggles between conformity and resistance as a process of maintaining its identity. He explains that ‘it is challenging to live in a white society trying to be accepted while at the same time struggling to practice Islam, in his experience he found out that it takes many years to build up. The article contains information on the challenges the Muslim students goes through in Canadian schools and how they are able to negotiate and maintain their culture within the secular institutions. The author of this article explains the ethno-religious oppression facing the Muslim girls studying at gender segregated Islamic schools, how the young girls reside at the nexus of dual oppression, confronting racism and Islamophobia in the society, also withstanding the patriarchal types of religious oppression in their communities. One example that supports this oppression is banning of hijab in public schools in France. The article contains the information on gendering Islamophobia, the politics of veiling, and veiling in public and Islamic schools, and their challenges. The article talks about postcolonial and transnational theories and post 9/11 disposition as frameworks for finding out the live experience of Muslim immigrants youths in US public schools, and how Muslims youths are viewed after the 9/11 attack. The 9/11 attack has had a repercussion on the lives of Muslims students in US. The attack led to islamphobia hysteria and provoked the war on terror, this has led into the formation of Islamic

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